Film Productions
Communication in moving pictures

Whether it is a video interview or viral marketing: films and videos are becoming more and more important in communications.

STROOMER offers in-house film productions: from tutorials to viral videos and image films. Entertaining, endearing and informative.

Video conception

Which genre fits? Which target group are we addressing? What is the message? Before we call ‘Action’, we form a well-thought-out plan: in close coordination with you, we create a concept for every film production.

Production planning

Finding an appropriate location for the film production, organising a narrator, planning the journey – we ensure everything runs smoothly before the filming itself gets underway.  


Once everything has been agreed and organised, the filming itself can start. Depending on the scope of the project, the film production is wrapped up in one or a few days.


The finishing touch: in post-production, the film is fine-tuned. Of course, the editing and special effects are also done in-house at STROOMER.

Video distribution

Maximum reach: we use the potential of the social Web and not only post the video on your own home page and app, but also on social networks. That way, we reach your target group as efficiently as possible.  


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