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The NOERPEL Group combines comprehensive expertise in logistics and shipping with the social responsibility of a family company with regional roots.  

In December 2015, the logistics company donated €50,000 to charitable projects in southern Germany. In April 2016, NOERPEL transported 4,000 camp beds for refugees to Greece and covered a portion of the transportation costs. And two months later, it supported an information event at IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) Ulm with the intention of placing refugees in jobs requiring training – and it was a success: in August, four of the 15 participants began training at NOERPEL. As communication partner, STROOMER regularly directs media attention towards this social involvement. Media events, press releases and articles in German regional and national media, as well as Austrian equivalents, strengthen the image of NOERPEL as a successful logistics Group with a sense of social responsibility.


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