One face, one voice – the magazine for all of Europe

Information across borders for the customers of the international parcel service provider GLS. Presented with a fresh design. Flexibly usable by all countries. Three times a year, we provide the European pages of the magazine InSight for all GLS subsidiaries –- this includes both texts and layout.

Each country has the opportunity create translated editions and add their own pages. We support GLS subsidiaries with the production of their print editions in

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland

We’re also responsible for the InSight online magazine for the GLS Group, GLS Germany, GLS Austria and GLS Ireland.


Following the acquisition and founding of numerous subsidiaries in various countries, the focus of the GLS Group was on harmonisation.This also included communication in order to encourage growing together into a unit and to convey core messages consistently and throughout the Group, which remains an important concern for GLS today.


Developing a uniform magazine for customers throughout Europe and producing it regularly. Collecting information from countries where GLS has a presence, presenting it attractively and making it available internationally.


InSight has been available to GLS customers and employees since 2004. In English as well as their local language. The GLS subsidiaries benefit from the centrally produced European pages. And the GLS Group has an attractive Europe-wide communication medium at their disposal.