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Trainee video for Hoval

Emotional recruiting with a recurring theme

Heating supplier Hoval is looking for trainees for the office, for operational logistics and information technology. We produced an authentic state-of-the-art video with the current trainees, to show the young target group how varied the professions are and how team spirit is lived at Hoval.


With an entertaining feelgood video, Hoval wants to convince school graduates of the good prospects and the familiar atmosphere in the company. The aim was to show the target group that the heating supplier cares for its trainees and is invested in supporting young people from within the company.


The video should be as short as possible and as long as necessary to match the viewing habits of the target group. It should show that there are young people who want to get things moving in the industry and grow with the company. The close collaboration between trainees and trainers and the feel-good atmosphere were also important factors to be visualized.


The trainees like the video very much and Hoval is happy with it, too. Some small visual effects we integrated are particular highlights. For example, red lines run through the film as a recurring theme.


With this video Hoval wants to attract new junior staff.