Graphic Design
Visualise content

Put in an appearance! A compelling design makes you and your products unmistakable and strengthens your overall communication.

Whether it is a website, magazine or business documents – we translate your identity and content into visual messages. To suit the desired medium. Contemporary. Ambitious. With a love of detail.

Corporate design

More than just a logo: give yourself, your products and your services a ‘face’. Consistently across all internal and external media, in a concise and creative way. As an experienced agency, we develop a corporate identity and corporate design together with you – including a comprehensible style guide.

Web design

Web design for Hamburg and the world. We design your website in a way that is target-group-specific, user-friendly, modern and in line with the corporate design.

Editorial design

Grab readers’ attention – at the first glance. Whether it is a customer magazine, image brochure or an anniversary publication: with a feel for the big picture and an eye for detail, we give your content the right look and make your message last.


Icons, caricatures, collages and comics convey information in a nutshell. We can provide you with illustrations that are minimalist or detailed, factual or charmingly witty.


Make complex issues comprehensible and provide the reader with a quick overview. Infographics such as diagrams, maps or structograms convey the relevant information to your readers simply, concisely and clearly. 


We shine a new light on your images with creativity and expertise. Fine retouching, precise colour matching and complex montages get the most out of your image files.


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