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Multichannel – videos for Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This medium is guaranteed to attract attention: STROOMER regularly produces video profiles of employees and delivery drivers for the social network accounts of the parcel service provider GLS – emotive, authentic and with wide reach.


No online communication without film – videos increase interaction rates and ensure attention. In addition, the social network algorithms prioritise video content. With that in mind, we developed a regular format for social media videos together with the international parcel service provider. The focus is on the people behind the service, and their stories.


A good story is the heart of a successful video. Together with the communications team of the parcel service provider, our video team designs individual and authentic GLS stories about the employees and delivery drivers. The production is flexible, streamlined and close to the action – with modern technical standards and a small team.


So far, we have produced more than 80 videos for the social network accounts of GLS Germany and GLS Austria. In doing so, STROOMER always keeps the requirements of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn in mind: we adjust the editing and format to the relevant channel. And it is not only the click rates that are impressive: the videos simplify communication with the end customer and support sales, because a film makes processes comprehensible and brings brand messages to life.


One company, many stories: our social media videos for GLS are as diverse as the people behind the parcel service.