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Videos are the most popular content format online. They are also becoming increasingly important offline – whether it is as training material for employees or to present a product to customers. That is no surprise, as videos allow workflows and relationships to be depicted concisely and effectively in equal measure. Entertaining, likeable and informative.
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A video says more

You are looking for a punchy way to address applicants on social media? Is there a manager in your company who can explain things succinctly and makes a likeable impression? Do you want your processes and the people behind them to be made more visible? Then a well-produced video is just what you need! Our video producers are experienced PR professionals who get to know your business and your target groups, in order to perfectly showcase your content.

Our services for you

Video conception

What is the most appropriate format? Which target group are we addressing? What is the message? Before we call 'Action!', we prepare a well-thought-out plan: for every video production we create a concept in close cooperation with you.

Production planning

Finding the best location for film production, arranging the right team, equipping the necessary technology – even before the actual shoots take place, we do everything we can to ensure things run smoothly.


Once everything has been agreed on and organised, production can begin. Depending on the scope of the project, the filming is completed in only a few days.


The finishing touch: in post-production, the video is fine-tuned. Of course, the editing, animations, voice-over and music are also done in-house at STROOMER.

Video distribution

Maximum reach: we use the potential of the social web and not only post the video on your home page and app, but also on social networks. That way, we reach your target group as effectively as possible.

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For each customer, we put together a team that gets to grips with your projects. That means personal contact partners with the necessary know-how are always there for you.


We have experienced specialists for the various tasks, channels and instruments. We pool our expertise for integrated communication.


We put our heart and soul into every project – continuously and consistently. Because we have the ambition to provide you with the best support to achieve your goals.