Multipliers for a young target group

The parcel sector is booming, primarily thanks to the expansion of e-commerce. In that environment, GLS Austria is also addressing the 18–34-year-olds who order more than most online. To increase awareness of the GLS brand and the delivery portal GLS-ONE, we developed and implemented influencer projects with GLS Austria.


Strengthening brand awareness and improving image – we had various aims with the influencer campaigns for GLS Austria. The GLS-ONE Challenge showed private parcel senders how simply the online portal works, in an entertaining and exciting way. The campaign #GLSbringtGlück (GLS brings happiness) used Valentine’s Day as the emotional hook to link up a touching viral post and the parcel service.


In close cooperation with GLS Austria, we developed cross-channel, interactive campaigns. The target groups for #GLSbringtGlück were the general public and GLS stakeholders such as parcel senders and recipients, transport partners and delivery drivers. The GLS-ONE Challenge is primarily aimed at young, e-commerce-savvy dialogue groups.


Am Valentinstag veröffentlichte GLS Austria das emotionale #GLSbringtGlück-Video. Es entwickelte sich umgehend zum Viral, auch dank der im Video vorkommenden Influencer, die es über ihre Kanäle verbreiteten. Die GLS-ONE-Challenge mit den Influencerinnen und  machte das neue Versandportal ebenfalls über Social Media bekannt und lief darüber hinaus auch als Kino-Spot.

GLS Austria released the emotive #GLSbringtGlück video on Valentine’s Day. It quickly went viral, partly thanks to the influencers who appear in the video and shared it on their accounts. The GLS-ONE Challenge with the influencers Leonie-Rachel and Christl Clear made the new delivery portal known via social media, and was also shown as an ad in cinemas.


The emotive video #GLSbringtGlück went viral on Valentine’s Day – in part thanks to the influencers involved.


As part of the GLS-ONE Challenge, two Austrian influencers show in an exciting way how simple and quick sending parcels with GLS Austria is.