Hapag Lioyd Mitarbeiterin im Interview - interne und externe Kommunikation

Interviews for Hapag-Lloyd

There is a person behind every story

We put together exciting interviews with people from all over the world for Hapag-Lloyd. For internal and external communication. Our interviewees are distinguished experts in their fields and know the sector. They convey knowledge, airtight facts and fascinating insight. In interviews that are fun to read.


Relevant content that leaves a lasting impression – that is what our Hapag-Lloyd interviews represent. Our interviewees explain new developments and provide background knowledge, and show one thing above all else: integrity. So that customers and employees of Hapag-Lloyd know what is going on in the sea freight and logistics sector.


We ask the people behind the exciting stories questions that go deeper than mere news reports. Our texts get to the heart of the stories. Whether it is for the website, the internal news portal or the customer newsletter.


Our interviews provide topics with an edge and emphasise the protagonists behind the story. They convey relevant knowledge to the target groups and are also emotionally touching. The interviews of the week are our favourite part of Hapag-Lloyd communication – once they have been produced, they are published on various Hapag-Lloyd channels with only minor adaptation.