Noerpel LKW auf der Straße - Medienarbeit für Logistikunternehmen

Media relations for Noerpel

The Noerpel Group: company news in the media

Noerpel is one of the fastest-growing companies in the transport and logistics sector. STROOMER has handled the Group’s media work for many years.


The Noerpel Group combines comprehensive logistics expertise and modern management with the social responsibility of a family company with regional roots. In addition to transport and logistics services, its portfolio of services also includes personnel and packaging services. As a communication partner, STROOMER regularly attracts media attention to this range of subjects.


Media releases, press events and interview organisation: STROOMER puts Noerpel’s company content in the spotlight. Through our close-knit network of journalists, maintained over many years, we provide Noerpel with a channel to industry experts, decision makers and multipliers.


STROOMER accomplishes up-to-date and appropriate placements in specialist media for the transport and logistics industry. Depending on the subject, we also address selected regional editorial departments. In this way, together with Noerpel, STROOMER ensures a regular, positive presence in relevant media throughout the year.