Bio Müsli Packung von Bio Produzent Bauckhof - Produktvideos für Bau

Product videos for Bauckhof

Bread, muesli and cakes tell their story

Organic, carefully sourced and, above all, delicious – that is what characterises the products of the Bauckhof brand. Our videos for the products ‘Wunderbrød’, ‘Schokokuchen’ and ‘Dinkel-Müzli, Beerenzart’ show what an important contribution the people in the company make to that quality. From development and purchasing to sales, each individual employee speaks passionately about ‘their’ product.


Taking the product off the shelves and putting them into people’s hearts: showing the faces behind the brand makes a particularly lasting impression. How can ‘healthy’ be simple? And what exactly is so different about an organic mill? People who are truly devoted to their task work at Bauckhof; they answer those questions and provide authentic insights into the production chain. Our videos bring the brand to life.


No marketing, but rather the real statements and faces of employees. To ensure the best possible preparation for filming, we had intensive discussions with Bauckhof employees beforehand. We spoke to producers, purchasers, millers, product developers and quality managers. We listened, and were able to give each product its individual concept.


In the first shoot, we initially created three product videos, which we devised, produced and edited. The focus of each video is on two employees, each of whom is involved in different stages of product development. We accompanied them through their working day – from the field to the company mill and the development laboratory. The consumer can tell: Bauckhof products are the result of the dedication and sense of responsibility of all employees. Our customer uses the videos on social media, their website and in sales.


‘Wunderbrød’ is a real hit for Bauckhof. It is delicious, full of grains and seeds, and also gluten-free. How is that possible? Our video will shows you: