Next-level employer branding

Nothing convinces an applicant about a company more than real employees. We have been producing recruitment videos for GLS Germany for several years. The focus is always on genuine GLS staff members. We have now supported various GLS channels with applicant videos.


Young talents and digital natives in particular are often better addressed with videos than with written job postings. At the same time, recruitment videos are quite different to conventional image or corporate videos: less promotional, but highly authentic. Soft factors, such as the work environment, are more convincing than hard facts about the company. That is why we use real employees as testimonials in our videos for GLS Germany.




Alongside the production of various recruitment videos for the GLS Germany careers page, we also supported a Germany-wide personnel marketing campaign by the company with a video. It shows how a parcel changes one man’s life forever. As the video follows the ‘Path of a Parcel’, the viewer gets to know various roles within GLS. Without those people, delivery would not be possible. We cast real GLS employees in their regular environment as the protagonists.


A video with real people AND a strong story. We filmed it in two days with the help of the customer. After post-production, the film ran in regional cinemas, among other places. The video also complemented the campaign  'We are GLS' and is used on the social media platforms of GLS Germany. We also cut a second version for the Austrian market for our customer GLS Austria.


Parcels can move you and are moved. But who actually does the moving? That is shown by our film ‘Path of a Parcel’.