Hoval Mitarbeiter mit Kundin

Video production for Hoval

Products, recruitment, CSR – videos for various purposes

Sponsoring a new bee centre in Salzburg, the career of a service technician, a complete solution for a new construction: these are very different topics. However, for each of these a video was an important component in the successful communications mix of Hoval, a heating, cooling and ventilation provider. For the sake of an efficient and holistic production, STROOMER took on the concept development, planning, filming and editing for each case.


Finding new employees, presenting solutions for customers, conveying the social commitment of the company to the public – each video production had its own clearly defined aim.


Initially, we worked our way into the topics and spoke to those involved. We then developed the concepts, working closely together with Hoval, and drafted the shooting schedules. Filming also provided us with spontaneous challenges: acrobatic inserts while faced with hundreds of bees above the roofs of Salzburg, and the cold of Mühlviertel in winter. Lastly, we edited the extensive material into emotive, snappy and entertaining clips.


The videos hit the mark with the relevant target groups, generated high levels of interaction on social networks and provided a significant increase in traffic on the website after posting a recruitment video – the next films have already been completed.


Modern and sustainable heating? This video shows how environmentally friendly energy recovery works in single-family homes.


The bee centre in Salzburg explains the importance of bees for peoplehumans. Hoval supports the project and supplied it with UltraGas® gas heating.