Website ThielemannGroup

We deliver a complete customised package: concept, information architecture, web design, text, project management, and development.


Our aim was to help the ThielemannGroup achieve greater digital visibility with a customised website. We wanted to create an online presence that reflected the company's innovative strength and drive as well as its customer focus. We also had a tight time frame of four months in total.


With a team of experts in conceptualisation, web design, copywriting, and programming, we developed a concept that focuses on the Thielemann Group's corporate values. From initial sketch to final realisation, we worked closely with the client to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience.


The result is a dynamic and appealing website that not only impresses visually, but also with its user-friendliness and information architecture. After the go-live comes further development. The website is designed to provide regular updates on the company via the news section and to sustainably reflect the growth of the ThielemannGroup via the company divisions. 


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